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Students have questions that need answers. We want to help you streamline that process so you can focus on the teaching part.

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Different users want different functionalities so we splitted the information for you


You prefer to spend your time teaching and answering questions as efficiently as possible.

  • Clean overview

  • Automatic assignment to assistants

  • Labels for insight in all the questions

  • Statistics to get insights in how students experience your course


From simple to complicated questions, you want to ask them easily and get the answer.

  • Integration with the learning environment

  • Support for markdown

  • Upload images and files with your question

  • Have a conversation about the question

Trusted by teachers and students

Tickets created

For our students TicketVise has proven to be a low threshold way to ask questions and be helped. Particularly now, with limited personal interactions due to COVID-19 restrictions, this channel has allowed us to support students effectively and continuously.

Associate Prof. Dr. Paola Grosso
Multiscale Networked Systems (MNS), University of Amsterdam

TicketVise has been a pleasant low-threshold replacement for the mailinglist. As a TA TicketVise allows us to conveniently organise and keep track of a large number of tickets, which enabled us to provide quick and good interaction with students -- even during the lack of personal interaction due to COVID-19. Both the course organisation and the students are happy we used TicketVise in our course!

Johannes Blaser
Teaching Assistant, University of Amsterdam

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