Students Getting Started

We are glad to introduce you to TicketVise! Here we walk you through the steps of getting started with TicketVise as a student. Our main focus for you is to ask question as easy as possible and have the answered in a clear way.

Create an account

TicketVise is connected with your Online Learning environment in such a way, that an account is created automatically when you open our application via the course page. You are logged in automatically when opening TicketVise, so you will always directly have your questions at hand. This allows for a quick and user friendly access.

Joining a course

Just like creating an account for the first time, joining a course is done by visiting the application via the course in canvas. Navigate to the course you want to ask a question about and that's it! The system now knows you are enrolled in this course and you are free to ask questions and get help from the staff. Each TicketVise inbox corresponds to a course to organise everything neatly.


Asking questions

The inbox overview displays all of your previously asked questions, or questions that are shared with you. Creating a ticket is as simple as clicking the "New Ticket" button and formulating your question.

  • We support markdown which gives you lots of possibilities for your question.
  • Add labels so it's directly clear what this question is about.
  • Upload attachments to support your question.

Commenting on a ticket

Whenever you got a comment that did not completely answer your question, you can post a comment yourself to ask a follow up question or for more clarification. These replies can be found on the page of your ticket underneath the comment of the staff.

Sharing a ticket

Found yourself in a situation where you and your buddies have the same question? Not a problem! As long as no personal information is asked in the question, you can share the ticket with other students by filling in their username (student ID) and adding them to the ticket. This can be done by creating the ticket, but also after the ticket has been posted on the ticket page.

Closing a ticket

Receiving a reply that answers your question is always great! You can now work further on your assignment or continue learning. To let others know your question has been answered, you can close the ticket and clear some space for new ones, not just for your overview, but also for the overview of the hero that answered your question.

Reopening a ticket

Shoot! Satisfied with your answer in the first place, but after 5 more minutes of work a followup question arose? To keep the context of your previously asked question, you can reopen the ticket with a new reply. It's as easy as it sounds!

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