Coordinators Getting Started

Welcome to TicketVise! Thanks for choosing TicketVise to assist you in managing your course. Here, we will briefly walk through some features to get you started. To see what students and assistants can do, please visit their getting started pages.

Setting up TicketVise

Integrating TicketVise into your course is easy. It depends on the LMS used but generally there are two ways you and the students can access TicketVise: using a menu item in the course navigation of with a module.

Course Navigation
To install Ticketvise into your course navigation head over to the course Settings and navigate to the Navigation tab/section. In the list you should be able to find TicketVise. By dragging TicketVise into the course navigation, you have made TicketVise accesible to your students and teaching assistants.
Course Module
Modules can give more structure to your course. To add TicketVise as a module, head to your course Modules. Inside a module create a new item by pressing the add button. Select External tool in the dropdown list. A new list will appear, search for TicketVise and press add item.

Last step

One last step is needed to complete the installation. As a coordinator you have to be the first person to open TicketVise to create your course inbox inside TicketVise!

Congratulations! You have now added TicketVise to your Course!


Configuring an inbox

When opening the inbox, you can go to the configuration to change some settings about the course. Most of these settings are self-explaining, we will quickly go over some of the others.
Toggling the "Assignee visible to students" changes if the students can see if and who is assigned to their ticket. Replying on a ticket will however always show the author of the reply. You can set a timer for closing a ticket if no reply has been sent for some amount of time, or you can send an alert if no answer has been given after some time. These help to prevent tickets from being unanswered and keep them organised.


We understand that it can be tedious to assign every question yourself. Therefore we offer a couple of options from which you can choose to automatically assign questions to assistants and coordinators:

  • Round Robin
  • Least Assigned First
  • Workgroup / Sections
  • Manual

Configuring labels

We offer four default labels, but their are fully customizable. Labels are useful for organizing the tickets inside the inbox. You can even change the visibility of the labels for students.

Inbox statistics

The statistics from the inbox give insight in the amount of tickets and the activity of the agents. These insights can help to recognise where the main focus points lie with the students as well as the assistants.

Scheduling Algorithm
Average response time
3.5 hours from 4.5 hours
Increased by 23%
Tickets this week
32 from 43
Decreased by 34%
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