Assistants Getting Started

Hey there! Welcome to TicketVise. Let us introduce the role assistant to you. Here we will elaborate some extra functionality that you as an assistant have access to.

For the functionality that overlaps with that of a student, please read the getting started page for students.


Getting permissions

To gain the extra permissions to answer questions, you don't have to do anything extra. Just visit TicketVise via a link on the your course page and after the first time visiting, you account will be linked with the course, giving you the right permissions.


Answering questions

After students ask questions they will need to be assigned to someone first. This way you communicate to the rest of the team that you will answer the question to avoid double work. Assignment can happen the following ways:

  • An automatic scheduler assigns you to a question.
  • You assign yourself to the question.
  • Someone else assigns you to a question.
  • Be the first responding to a question automatically assigns you.

You will receive a notification when you get assigned to a question. There is also a My Tickets button with which you can filter the question.

Answering questions

Answering questions is probably what you are using TicketVise for. The comment field supports markdown to better format your answer. This gives you a lot of flexibility and oppertunities to answer a question. Looking above the question, three tabs can be seen. The question tab is to communicate with the student(s). The contents in this tab can be seen by both the staff members and the students.

Discussing questions

When you do not know how to answer a question directly, you can discuss this in the second "Discussion" tab. The messages in the discussion tab are only visible for the members of the teaching team, so you can discuss with your colleagues about the answer to the question, see the discussing questions section for more information.

In this internal tab, you can ask question to colleagues by mentioning them with the "@" character. They will receive a notification about this mention to quickly respond. Next to mentioning, you can also reference other tickets using "#". This gives the other members of the teaching team a quick link to the similar question.


The third tab is for the attachments which the student or you can upload to help with the question. This can be code files, documents, images, etc.

Assigned (3)


3d ago

Assignee: Kristin Watson

Where do I submit my work?
Assignment 1

2d ago

Assignee: Michael Foster

Where can I find the powerpoint of the second lecture?

5h ago

Assignee: Michael Foster

How long should the report be?
Assignment 1 Submission
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